“Do you know anything about glow-in-the-dark scorpions or orange frogs?” – 20th March 1997

My Thursday 20th I got to Music after school and I was with Emma. We went in and there was only Mr P and Charlie W on a keyboard. Dougie did come but he went to his lesson pretty quickly.

Nowt really happened until we got to the gates by the school drive. We spotted Dougie with his guitar and P.E. kit (in an MUFC bag) coming towards us so Emma decided to shut the gate on his so he couldn’t get out and he’d have to speak to us. [i.e. the only way we could get boys to speak to us was to hold them hostage.] She shut it and I stood back so it looked more like I had nothing to do with it.

He said, “Ooh, I’ll never get out” or something sarky like that. I let him out and trapped my finger so while I was hopping round sucking it, Emma shut him back in again. Eventually I let him out again and he said, “Ta”.

Emma then said, “Have you ever heard of glow-in-the-dark scorpions in Britain?” He said, “No, I’ve not but you can get orange frogs.” At the time, I just said, “I know” but then it sunk in about how stupid it was. I bet he only said it so we wouldn’t think he didn’t know anything!

Emma then wouldn’t let me back in so Dougie yelled at me, “She’s used to being behind bars!” He always comes out with something stupid to say. [Speak for yourself! Myself. Whatever.]

We then met up with Pallav who was mithering us for 10p. We walked round with him for a bit then we went back.

We spotted Charlie getting his coat on so we went outside again and decided not to let him out of school like Dougie.

He got to the gate and Emma asked, “Do you know anything about glow-in-the-dark scorpions or orange frogs?” [Tried and tested tactic. Confuse the captive boys into speaking to us.] He said, “You what?” and started trying to open the gate.

I then asked him, “Were you really scrubbing in the yard?” Abby said she’d seen him doing it at break. [Scrubbing: The act of picking up low value coins off the ground, usually coppers. It was slightly more acceptable to pick up the shiny coins but you’d probably still get called a scrubber.] He said, “You what?” again so I repeated myself.

He didn’t understand what I meant by ‘scrubbing’ so I rephrased it and said, “Abby said she saw you picking up coppers at break. Were you?”

He admitted it!


Abby’s Thursday 20th Hi, the last few days have been pretty good and I’ve seen quite a lot of Charlie (which was the best part).

Tuesday night was the Evening of Music and Drama. He looked gorgeous then.

Then yesterday was Wigan Music Festival. Charlie was in the hall setting up his kit when we sat there.

Today when I had my sax lesson, I walked into Music and Charlie was sat playing on a keyboard. Then me and Dora pissed off and went to the shop. We came back and Charlie was sat at the keyboards again. He looked really innocent (as always).

Dora made him piss off and after his kit lesson he was walking behind me and Evie. He smiled and walked out of Music.

I caught him scrubbing today. He doesn’t know what that means. Sad.

Bye x

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