I was stood right up against him – 19th March 1997

Wednesday 19th It was Wigan Music Festival this evening. My Dad came this time coz Mum had parents evening at the primary school. We also took Emma and Abby of course. I was worried that Dad would be sat on his own and he was when we got there until Sadie’s dad came and talked to him.

When we first arrived, the only orchestra person there was Charlie W setting up his kit. The coach with most other people on came later.

Our orchestra was on first so we had to set up quickly. Actually, we were the only orchestra so we won the trophy anyway. I reckon even if there was competition we would have got it coz the report the judge woman gave us was, “Outstanding! They could have been a professional orchestra.” [Oo-er! I can’t take much credit though. I generally mimed playing the flute at these things for fear of getting distracted by Dougie and accidentally playing in a silent bit.] Dad reckons she fancied Mr P-R though!

For the rest of it we had to stand along the edge of the hall. Swing Band came 2nd. I was stood with Freda, Emma, Ed and Dougie and Freda just wouldn’t leave it. She kept saying stuff like, “Who is it you used to fancy, Tess? Was it James Douglas?” and, “Tess Douglas. Sounds quite good!” I got really embarrassed but I think I kept cool and didn’t show it too much [No chance.] but I was ready to strangle Freda, the silly cow!

Dougie made it worse for himself but squeezing in against the wall between me and Ed (who was also embarrassing me by saying he fancied me and stuff) so I was stood right up against him. That made Freda decide to push me into him but I saw her and I moved first.

When everyone was getting on the coach again, we went on too to talk to them and Freda yelled up the coach, “Dougie! Tess has got on the coach now too!” He must think she’s really pathetic. Well, I hope he does.

I’ve got a flute lesson tomorrow too. I’m really going to have to pretend I don’t care what people kept saying even though I do.


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