I saw his Adidas coat waddling towards me – 18th March 1997

It was the Evening of Music and Drama at school this evening. Only Mum came to it so she dropped me and Abby off. I was worried that I was either going to be too early or too late. I wasn’t. [PHEW!!] Most of my friends were there but people were still arriving.

Charlie was there which kept Emma and Abby happy (they still think I fancy him! Urgh!) but Dougie wasn’t. I started to get worried after a while and I thought maybe he couldn’t make it so, just in case he didn’t come, I tried to put him out of my mind so that I wouldn’t be disappointed if he didn’t turn up.

Mr P was just silencing us so he could tell us when we were playing and what was going on with seating arrangements and I was stood right by the door and I heard someone coming down the corridor. I really hoped it was Dougie and I was so pleased when I turned round and I saw his Adidas coat waddling towards me. [Attractive.]

Mr P decided that when the concert started we would all go and sit at the back at the top in the Drama Studio. We did and me and my friends sat against the wall with Dougie and a few other lads sat in front of us. We have now found out that Dougie is doing Geography next year too.

I whistled at Charlie when Swing Band stopped playing and everyone was clapping. Dougie turned round and smiled at me. YES!

Nothing else really happened except my gaze drifted over to Dougie, as usual, and he looked up at me. It seemed to go on for ages unlike usually when I look away quickly.

Oh yeah, and I also said, “Ooh, isn’t he strong” to Emma when he was carrying the drums back.


2 thoughts on “I saw his Adidas coat waddling towards me – 18th March 1997

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