Emma suggested we all phoned the smoking quitline – 13th March 1997

Thursday 13th I’ve seen Dougie so much today. I got to school and I went to take my flute to Music round the back way and he was stood there grinning.

We (my year) then had assembly first thing and when we were queuing up to go into the hall, I could see Dougie and co in front of me. I thought I would have to sit in front of them which I didn’t want coz then I can’t keep turning round to see him and I don’t trust Ralph sitting behind me.

I got in the hall and sat down in a chair between Freda and Sarah and looked round for Dougie. Freda nudged me and I realised Dougie, Ralph and Will Fernley were sat in front of me!

Freda said quietly to me, “Tess, do you still fancy James Douglas?” I don’t think Dougie heard but Ralph might have. I turned round again and talked to Sarah but I was bothered Freda would say something else louder to get my attention so I talked to her again, changing the subject to Man Utd and going to Old Trafford if they win the Premiership again.

It was a really boring assembly done by our stand-in headmaster [The headmistress had been suspended.] on our 4th year subject choices. Then Miss C came in and rambled on about teamwork.

I hadn’t noticed all of our form tutors and head of year, Mr M, had gone out until they skipped back in wearing our school uniform and Comic Relief red furry noses and eating lollies. They had batons with coloured tissue paper and started Morris dancing on the stage for us! I can’t put it into words how stupid they looked but it was very funny and Dougie and Ralph couldn’t stop laughing!

It got to 3rd lesson (Maths) and we had a fire drill. We ll marched down to the all-weather pitch and lined up alphabetically in our form groups. I was in the row next but one to Dougie’s form and I had a good view of him. He spotted me so I looked away and pretended I hadn’t noticed him and talked to Leona and Sarah to make it look like I couldn’t give a toss whether he was there or not. [Crafty.]

Nothing else really happened until after school. Emma and I came out of the RE room at more or less the same time as Dougie and Jez came out of Science so they were walking just in front of us. I lost sight of them so we went straight to Music. Mr P, Caroline Middleton, Orla Kaye (Poppy’s sister) and Dougie were all crowded round a computer playing patience.

Emma, Zoe and I stood and watched and Dougie said, “Move the ace” or something and I said, “It’s the expert talking now” sarcastically and it made him laugh to himself. [No! That’ll only have encouraged me to say shit things!]

Zoe started talking about Peter Andre and she said to Dougie, “I bet you think he’s fit, don’t you?” It was his turn to be sarcastic and he said, “Yeah!” [OMG! We had so much sarcasm in common!]

The 4 of us all wandered into the corridor and I leant against a wall and Dougie went opposite me, looking at me. Emma was sort of smiling coz of where he was standing and I was finding it extremely hard not to laugh to myself.

Emma asked him if he had a phone in his bedroom and he said that it was in the kitchen. He then said, “Do you still phone people up pretending to be TV magazines?” to Emma and she denied it so I said, “She’s phoned you before that too, remember?” He goes, “Oh, yeah” and smiled.

He wandered off somewhere then came back and leaned against the opposite wall to me again. Emma suggested we all phoned the smoking quitline as a joke [REBELS!] and turned to Dougie and said, “You phone them.” He said, “I don’t smoke” and Emma said, “Neither do I” and he sort of nodded sarcastically at her then looked and smiled at me. I smiled back but then I was embarrassed.

He then asked me what lessons I was talking in 4th Year (Year 10) but Emma didn’t notice he was looking and leaning against the wall next to me and she told him what she was doing. He asked me again and I told him Geography, P.E. definitely maybe and perhaps Drama but I wasn’t sure and hadn’t decided what else. [Drama? DRAMA?! I flaming hated Drama! I spent almost the entire week, every week, worrying about it. Although, it was considered cool to like Drama which I guess is why I said it.]

He told me he’s doing German but that’s all I really heard coz I was concentrating on not being obviously embarrassed [and not visibly swooning] at him standing so close next to me!

Nobody really said much after that coz he went to his lesson.

I’m going now, my arm’s hurting me! [I’m not surprised. That was 5 whole A5 pages of writing about not a lot happening.]


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