I’m going to have to make sure Mum buys happy meat – 12th March 1997

Wednesday 12th How can some people be so cruel to animals? It’s beyond me. I felt guilty when a spider drowned in the bath a few weeks ago and that was just an accident.

I’ve just been watching this programme on pig farms. It’s awful in some places where the poor animals are just packed into a minute space, not much bigger than itself. It’s sick!

Then it showed organic pig farms where they can just run round a field. It’s much nicer and at least they have a life.

I know it’s unlikely I will ever stop eating meat [I managed for about a fortnight once.] but there is absolutely no need to be so cruel to animals.

The way they’re slaughtered is disgusting too. The pigs should be stunned properly and should feel no pain but in some places the people couldn’t give a shit about them! It’s awful.

I’m going to have to make sure Mum buys happy meat as often as possible but she usually does anyway. [Becoming a vegetarian was not an option at the time. I knew the limits of my willpower and I reserved a special hatred for all things vegetable.] I know this sounds stupid but after I’d watched that on TV I was very nearly in tears.

[Essential stalker update…] By the way, Charlie W’s got a black coat now. Emma noticed today and I saw him after school.

For this Duke of Edinburgh award thing they were sorting the groups and Ed told us (I think this is true) that the lads are allowed all boys groups but the girls have to be mixed coz it’s safer. I mean, if someone’s going to attack the girls, it’s hardly likely that they would be stopped by a weedy bunch of 14 year old boys, is it?

That’s all for today.


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