It makes his face look even chubbier – 11th March 1997

Tuesday 11th Since we got back to school yesterday I’ve heard non-stop about that Peter Andre concert some of my friends went to. It’s been Zoe mostly but she doesn’t tell you, she shouts and shrieks it at you! She’s a real drama queen and a right pain to go with it!

Speaking of drama, I’ve got to perform in Drama tomorrow and I’m dreading it!

Emma went home today during Science. She wasn’t well so I had to go with her to the school office so they could phone her dad or whoever.

Dougie’s had his hair cut. It makes his face look even chubbier (he’s not fat) so he looks even more like a baby!

Freda keeps saying I fancy Owen Kendal and asking if I prefer Tess Kendal or Tess Douglas! She’s so pathetic coz I don’t like Owen at all.

Emma and Abby also think I fancy Charlie Wilson, of all people! The world’s gone crazy! [Feigning shock and horror won’t wash after I admitted it not that long ago.]


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