We’ve got a new boy in our year – 6th March 1997

My Thursday 6th Hello again! It was parent’s evening for my year this evening and loads of people were helping out. [Not me! Thursday night was stalking night.] After school, Emma and I went to see who was in the Music block. We were just about to walk down the drive and Dougie & co all followed us so we rushed into another block and looked for Zoe.

We eventually found Zoe then wandered round for a bit. We ended up talking to Ed and, just as we had to go to our flute lesson, Dougie went and talked to him.

We had also been walking round with Pallav who wasn’t helping with parent’s evening either and he was also trying to find Dougie. He kept coming out with really stupid things to say like he was just trying to make conversation.

We’ve got a new boy in our year. [Fresh blood!] He’s called Guy Morris and he’s come from Canada [Fresh international blood!] here to England. Ed said he’s playing for Tranmere Rovers on the youth team and is staying for 4 months and if they like him he’ll probably stay for good. But then it’s only Ed saying it!


Abby’s Thursday 6th Hi, I know I haven’t written for ages but nothing important has happened.

Charlie W and David Beckham are both still as gorgeous as ever and MUFC are still as good as ever. We get tomorrow off because there’s an inset day at school. Never mind. I won’t get to see Charlie. Pity.

I ♥ CW & DB


Bye x

2 thoughts on “We’ve got a new boy in our year – 6th March 1997

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