It’s purely coincidental. Really! – 5th March 1997

Wednesday 5th Hi! Sorry I haven’t written for a while. It’s just that nothing’s really happened. [That didn’t normally deter me.]

I’ve found out that Dougie’s going on the coach to Wigan Music Festival which is bad coz I’m not!

Dougie really must think that Lizzie, Emma and I are following him [I expect we were.] coz for 2 days on the run now we have been in the school library at the same time as him but it’s purely coincidental. Really!

Manchester United are just stars! They’ve been through about 16 games now with no losses. Let’s just hope they can keep it up. I’ve mentioned them because they’ve just won 4-0 at Old Trafford against F.C. Porto in their first European Champions League Cup thing. David May scored the 1st goal, Cantona the 2nd, Giggs the 3rd and, last but not least, the 4th by Andy Cole! Ryan Giggs was playing so well. He really made up for Roy Keane not playing.

I love it when he slides across the pitch when he’s celebrating a goal like he did today with the gorgeous David Beckham!



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