He’s being a right swot – 28th February 1997

Friday 28th
Ooh, it’s gone really warm in my room. I’m just going to turn my radiator off. [Thanks for letting us know. Although, my room being warm was such a rare event that I’ll have felt it needed to be recorded for posterity.]

Right, I’m back now.

Thirty 14 year olds from my year are going to be doing the bronze Duke of Edinburgh award this year. If you wanted to do it you had to go to a meeting at lunch. I can’t be bothered with it. [Lunch break was prime stalking time and not to be missed because of a meeting about climbing hills in the rain.] I’ll probably regret it later because Dougie was at the meeting.

I’m actually going off him a bit now. [Hmm. We’ll see. Having flicked through the pages of my diary to March, I know that the stalking doesn’t ease off. It instead reaches epic proportions.]  He’s being a right swot. For instance, yesterday he said to someone, “Well, why are you going in the bottom set then?” Just because he’s in top set for everything! Mind you, so am I at the moment.

In orchestra this evening, Abby kept saying that Dougie was staring at me so I looked up and he was. Emma won’t believe me. She’s just jealous at the thought of him looking at me and not her but I’m not even sure if he was. I just might have happened to look up at the same time as he did! Anyway, I looked away quickly and Abby said he did too and looked embarrassed then he looked back again to see if I was still looking. I think I believe her.

I know he was watching our car drive away from him coz I saw him then!



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