“They’re behind you! Shut up!” – 26th February 1997

Wednesday 26th Hi! It was funny at lunch today. [Funny weird not funny ha ha. Don’t get your hopes up for a good story though…] I was just with Lizzie and we were coming back from The Quiet Shop and we saw Ralph, Will, Jez, Freddie and Graham. We went into the garage [petrol station] so they would get ahead of us [It’s not effective stalking if you’re in front of your prey.] and they went into the sweet shop.

As we came out of the garage, so did they and they crossed at the pelican crossing. We got to it shortly afterwards and they were all standing at the side. Just as we were crossing, they all went back again and Ralph was muttering, “Watch out Mr Car” or something. I turned round then and they were all crossing the road again. Weird or what?! So, they did end up following us. [Stalker fail.]

When we got back to school, they all disappeared somewhere so Lizzie and I went to look. I just yelled, “Where’ve they gone then?” to Lizzie and she said, “They’re behind you! Shut up!” They were. I don’t know how they got there.

We were walking back to the bench and I turned round and they were going up the stairs in one of the blocks. Honestly, they could be an X-File!

February 1997 - X Files

Last thing today I had drama. We were lining up outside the studio and Charlie walked past. He didn’t see me until he came back again. He gave me a look from the corner of his eye and walked on.

We had a room change so my form all stampeded to another block. Then I had Charlie walking behind me! Some of the lads in our school can be strange when they want to be sometimes!


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