“You look stupid!” – 24th February 1997

My Monday 24th I was with my friends outside their form room at lunch and Dougie turned up, waiting to go and set his cooking stuff up. I wonder what he’s putting on his cake for decoration.

We (Lizzie, Emma and I) waited for him to come out again and as soon as he did they both walked straight after him. [Even more blatant stalking than usual.]  It must’ve looked so obvious why we went. I went too coz I wasn’t being left on my bill.

Dougie was on his bill though! All his mates had gone out of school and left him so he came and talked to the lads on the bench next to us. Cool! I just couldn’t keep a straight face. He kept staring at us and I kept looking up at the same time as he did like in orchestra. [Witwoooo!]

Then I really had something to laugh about when Charlie nearly fell over. He sort of tripped down a curb. No-one else really saw him so when the 3 of us burst out laughing for no apparent reason, everyone must have thought we were crazy!

Emma was really pissing me off today! She kept insulting me about certain things, like when I smiled or something in English (I wasn’t sure what it was), she said, “Don’t do that! You always do. You look stupid!” [I was probably twitching, but still… MEAN!] Thanks a bunch, Emma! She then wondered why I was sulky on her and nobody else!


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