What a load of balls! – 23rd February 1997

My Sunday 23rd It was a 1-1 draw yesterday between Man U and Chelsea and Man U are still at the top of the table.

I went to the cinema again today with Emma and her friend Suzanna. We went to see a film called ‘The Phantom’. [And my review?…] What a load of balls! It was a bit of a Superman-Tarzan person so you can just imagine what crap it was. It was about as interesting to me as a Wigan Athletic v Motherwell match would be!

February 1997 - Fancy bye 3

[I must’ve fancied a change from ‘Bye!’]

Abby’s Sunday 23rd Hi, I might stop doing my diary after this notebook is finished. [NoooOOOOooo!! Don’t leave me diary-ing on my own!] I haven’t decided.

I do want to go back to school tomorrow to see Charlie but then I also don’t because I can’t be bothered.

I’ve got a new bag. It’s an Umbro one and it looks a bit like this. But nicer.

Abby February 1997 - Bag

It’s black and illuminous orange!

Bye x

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