It’s nice to know he looks at me – 20th-21st February 1997

My Thursday 20th We had a

February 1997 - Detention

at morning break today coz we were all being noisy when we had this Christianity group in assembly. They only had to mention football once and it set us all off talking about recent matches.

In Science, Ed kept waving at me. Eventually I got fed up and asked him what he was up to. He said, “Don’t you know I’ve got a crush on you?!” I was nearly sick! Emma had kept saying that he liked me as well as Olivia (who now says she’s moving schools). [Moving schools anyway or moving schools to get away from Ed?!]

After school, not much happened except Dougie had a MUFC bag instead of his usual Asda one.

I’ve found out that it’s Charlie W’s 15th birthday tomorrow. Wow! 15! I could have sworn he was about 7!


Abby’s Thursday 20th Hi, guess what. It’s Charlie W’s birthday tomorrow. Isn’t that good. Me and Emma are going to get him a birthday card. He said to Vanessa that he wanted a birthday card off us. I don’t know if he was being sarcastic or if he was being serious. (I wish he was being serious!)

Oh yeah, and his dog’s call Ben, not Pooh.

We found all this out from Charlie’s brother. He’s just as sad

I wish it was true that he wants a birthday card off me. I wonder what he’ll do when we give it him.



My Friday 21st Quite a lot has happened today boy-wise!

At lunch, Emma, Olivia, Cat, Lizzie and I went out of school. We went down to this newsagents which we call ‘The Quiet Shop’ because when you go in nobody behind the counter speaks to you so you feel like you have to shut up too. We went because Emma wanted to get a card for Charlie W’s birthday which is today. He’s 15 believe it or not. The card looked like this:

February 1997 - Front of card


February 1997 - Inside card

We came out of the shop and I turned round and we had Dougie and his mates following us. There was Dougie, Owen Kendal, Ralph Christopherson, Stan Pike, Jez Greenhalgh, Freddie Bevan, Will Fernley, David Ingle and Graham Baxter all walking behind us! It was great!

We got to the road where school is and they all ran past us except Dougie and Graham. Dougie walked past me and I said, “Aah, have they left you on your bill?” He laughed and they caught up with the rest of them.

Ralph then turned round and muttered something about Freddie to us (probably about the letter) and then Owen came up to us and said to Lizzie, “You went out with Ralph, didn’t you?” Lizzie went embarrassed because she did for about a week.

We all walked back into school together then split up again.

Nothing really happened again until orchestra. I got there pretty quickly because my form have Music last thing so I only have to go to the next room. Dougie came in soon after and so did Charlie W. Olivia had given him the card and when everybody was sat down he opened it. It made him laugh.

I didn’t say anything to Dougie but I sort of sit opposite him and I kept catching his eye. He kept looking at me and I kept looking at him at the same time. It’s embarrassing but at the same time it’s nice to know he looks at me, I think!

We were going out again afterwards and I asked Charlie if he got the card. He said, “Yes” then changed his mind to, “No”. Then he decided he had got it again and said something about me sending it. I put him straight and told him that I didn’t really have anything to do with it.

On the way outside, Dougie’s two sisters were waiting for him. I always think it’d be nice to have an older brother. Emma kept saying his youngest sister was cute and asked Dougie if she was his sister. He said, “Yes” and I said, “I told you last week, it’s his girlfriend”. It made them all laugh although I didn’t think it was funny. [I was right.]

By the way, Dougie’s car is a maroon Honda, registration number… [Not going to put it on the internet but I did write it down.] Got it?


Abby’s Friday 21st Hi, it’s Charlie’s birthday today (I hope) and we gave him a card. It was a bit crap really. It sounded as if he’d been an alcoholic all his life because on the front it said, “Drinking causes confusion” or something weird like that. [Don’t worry, Abby. I drew it.] It opened the wrong way (on purpose) and it said Happy Birthday inside then it said See What I Mean upside down.

Then Emma made it look even more stupid because she wrote all over it in different places “Charlie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Lots of love Emma and Abby”. We did a heart in the corner and then someone wrote “& co” on it after Emma!

He opened it in orchestra and laughed. I didn’t see him but Emma told me.

I hope he liked it.


Bye x


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