He had his bag on TWO shoulders – 19th February 1997

My Wednesday 19th

February 1997 - P. end 2

[See Monday 17th for explanation.]

Hello again! I’m back. Manchester United have just won 2-1 against Arsenal. BRILLIANT!

Emma and I saw Charlie W at lunch again so I said, “She’s watching you!” He said something back but we couldn’t tell what it was. [It was probably whimpered in terror.]

It’s Thursday tomorrow. DUH! I’ve only written that because, well, I’ll tell you… On a Thursday, after school (but in school), I have my flute lesson with Emma. There are also guitar and drum lessons! Dougie plays the guitar and he’s usually there too. Also, Charlie has his kit lessons but that’s not too important. [He was only a backup stalkee.]

Basically, it gives me a chance (sometimes) to speak to Dougie without all his mates around! [Yet I usually used the opportunity to remain in awkward silence or to call him a minger.]

February 1997 - Fancy bye 2

February 1997 - MUFC rule

Abby’s Wednesday 19th Hi, I haven’t written for a few days because nothing has happened really. I’ve been telling people I don’t fancy Charlie W anymore but I do. I’ve gone off that Joe guy and all.

Tess and Emma were walking past Charlie the other day and they started laughing so he turned round and said, “Stop spying on my!” What a geek.

Oh yeah and today I saw him walking down to the field and he had his bag on TWO shoulders. [The absolute height of geekery at school in the 90s.] Now that is sad for most boys.

Man United have just won against Arsenal 2-1. Ha ha. That’s really good.


Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot to tell you that Tess and Emma reckon his dog is called Pooh. Poor thing. I’m going to ask someone tomorrow.



Bye x

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