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Hello from 2014!UK Blog Awards - Vote Now!

If Destroyed Still True is up for public vote in the UK Blog Awards from 10th November to 3rd December. Oo-er! And also eep! I don’t like mithering for votes but if you do have a spare couple of minutes and you’ve been enjoying a good old cringe at my teenage diaries then I would be more than happy for you to give me a little vote. I can’t tell everyone about this blog for fear of restraining orders landing on my doormat or work people reading about my first encounter with a sanitary towel so sympathy votes will also be accepted 🙂

If Destroyed Still True is actually in 2 categories – Most Innovative and Lifestyle. You can vote in both categories if you like. If you click on the categories below then it’ll take you to each voting page on the UK Blog Awards website…

Most Innovative


There are lots of other blogs up for votes so if you’re after some new ones to read then there’s plenty to chose from here.

Thanks and I’ll let you get back to the 1990s now.


Tess x

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