“Hello? He-llo? Hell-oo?”– 16th February 1997

My Sunday 16th Hi! I don’t want to go to school tomorrow. I just can’t be bothered.

Anyway, I went round to Emma’s house this afternoon and we went for a walk around the field. We also went in her horse field too.

We got soaked coz of the rain [A regular event in North West England.] and Emma told me what had been happening while I was in London. It wasn’t much really. She just said that she and Freda went to see ‘Fierce Creatures’ at the cinema on Saturday and she had done some prank phone calls on people with her friend, Vanessa Wood, on Valentine’s Day.

They phoned some people that Vanessa fancied then they phoned Charlie Wilson (this sad lad in Vanessa’s year). [That I totes fancied a bit but Abby loved much, much more.] He wasn’t in.

Then they phoned Dougie. Well, Vanessa did. Emma said his mum answered and she asked for James. He came to the phone and he was there saying, “Hello? He-llo? Hell-oo?” whilst Vanessa was thinking what to say. Eventually she hung up.

Emma said that I’ve not to say anything to anyone about it because she did it to Dougie once before and pretended to be a TV magazine and she asked questions. (I was with her that time.) Anyway, Dougie found out. He didn’t really do much but I think it was a bit embarrassing for Emma. I didn’t say anything on the phone so I don’t know if he knows I was involved in that one or not.

Emma’s also got the business with a love letter from Freddie Bevan sorted out. Hayley sent it!


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