Mum’s nagging me – 15th February 1997

My Saturday 15th I thought that train journey would never end! We’re home again now. I’ve got school to look forward to as well on Monday. (NOT! I’m dreading it!)

I’ve not really got any things to write about except Mum’s nagging me but I’m going to apologise (for whatever I’m meant to have done) coz I don’t like falling out last thing in the day.

Night night!

[There are lots of Top of the Pops stickers on the covers of my diary. Here are my teenage thoughts on the pop stars of the day…]

General 1997 - A&D

[Ant & Dec = Cool!]

[Gina G (I think) = Can't sing live!]

[Gina G (I think) = Can’t sing live!]

[Mark Owen = Scruff!]

[Mark Owen = Scruff!]

[Peter Andre = Minger!]

[Peter Andre = Minger!]

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