They look like Liam and Donal out of Ballykissangel – 14th February 1997

My Friday 14th Valentine’s Day

February 1997 - Valentine's

Well, this is our last full day in London coz we should be going tomorrow.

We went to the National Art Gallery for about 10 minutes [Good then?!] and then we went back to Covent Garden again. This time I bought a metal mouse.

February 1997 - Mice

We didn’t do much else.


February 1997 - Heart end

Abby’s Friday 14th Hi, I know I haven’t written for a while but we’ve been busy because we’re in London.

Auntie G’s flat is really nice and me and Tess are on the sofa bed. It’s cool. [There was always something quite exciting about sleeping on a sofa bed… but then I classed going to school as a hobby.]

The tube trains are great although it took is 3 hours to get here on the normal train.

The builders have been here for a few days. They look like Liam and Donal out of Ballykissangel. The main one was called Michael (Liam) and I don’t know the other one’s name. He was quite nice though.

It’s Valentine’s Day today and I want to see Charlie. I think he’s gorgeous.

We’re going back home tomorrow. We’ve been here since Wednesday.

I ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Charlie W

Bye x

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