BORING – 13th February 1997

My Thursday 13th I was woken up by kids running to school but not too early.

We went for a walk round Hanwell by the canal and river and saw the locks and the chimney sweep’s barge.

Then we went to the town centre. BORING.

This afternoon we went to Covent Garden. It was really nice. I bought a hat and pieces of pottery (ornaments). [Most of which I still have as shown in the photos below. I might be a hoarder.]

February 1997 - Hats

[Yes. It’s leather.]

These penguins are mine. The big penguin is called Owen Kendal (He looks like a penguin!) and the little one is Dougie (He walks like one!)

February 1997 - Penguins both

[Penguin Dougie’s beak fell off but the Blu-Tack beak I replaced it with is still going strong about 16 years later. Good old Blu-Tack.]

The frog is for Emma. (Charlie Wilson who she fancies looks a bit like a frog.)

February 1997 - Frog

The cat is for Cat. (She likes cats.)

February 1997 - Cat

We had a big meal at Planet Hollywood which was ok.


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