That’s just not ‘cool’ – 10th February 1997

My Monday 10th I’ve had a pretty long, boring day at my Grandma S’s in Castleton today.

The only thing I have to write about this evening is that Emma phoned me to ask if I could go to the cinema tomorrow to see ‘Fly Away Home’ and she asked whether Abby was coming or not. I told her I’d phone her back later.

I really didn’t want to let Abby come with us, just in case I saw anyone else I know. Basically, it’s ok for my sister to hang round with me or my friends coz we’re older but for me to be seen with her, well, that’s just not ‘cool’. Get it? [No. Nothing else about me screamed ‘cool’ so being seen with my sister would hardly have ruined my reputation.]

The problem is that, because I’ve let her come for a bike ride and stuff a few times, she thinks she can do everything with me and, because she’s only a year and a half younger, Mum doesn’t mind.

I asked Mum if I should let her come to the cinema anyway. I said I didn’t really want her to though. They both started making me feel really guilty and I gave in and phoned Emma back to tell her to get 3 tickets.

This must make me sound like a real moaner but I just feel like I share everything with Abby. I say that this will be the last time I do this (invite her to stuff) but I never actually manage to keep it like that. It’s really starting to bug me now.

Oh, lighten up, Tess! For goodness sake! I’m depressing myself now!


[P.S. I felt guilty reading this so I texted Abby. She has forgiven me for not wanting to invite her to stuff. She told me that she always wanted to be just like me because I was such an inspiration to her and it was always such an honour to do the same things that I did so that she could bask in my big sisterly awesomeness.]

[I may have elaborated on her text slightly.]

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