We were contacting spirits through a pack of cards – 9th February 1997

My Sunday 9th Hi! Not much happened really today. I’m only writing coz this is a new diary. My 6th one actually. It’s the school holidays (half term) so I don’t have to bother about school for a week or so. Great!

Well, I went for a walk into the rest of the village with Abby and Emma. We got to the phone box and decided to phone Freda to see what she and Zoe had been doing yesterday. They’d phoned Emma to find out Dougie’s number. I like him a lot! They phoned him but he was out playing STREET HOCKEY! I can just imagine him doing that!

Also, when we got home, we were contacting spirits through a pack of cards [As you do.] and it kept saying that Dougie would like me, I would go out with him and finally marry him! [Good old spirits, telling me exactly what I wanted to hear.] I wonder if it will come true. I’m only 14 and so’s he so I don’t think there’ll be wedding bells quite yet, do you?! [Spoiler alert: I was right. I was not a child bride.]


Abby’s Sunday 9th Hi, I’ll have to get a new diary soon.

I’ve decided that I fancy that Joe guy. I don’t know his last name. I’ll have to find out. [Let the stalking commence!] He’s in 4th Year (like Charlie W who I love more) and plays the guitar. I’ll have to find out more. I saw him and he looked really nice.

I’m going to miss them when we’re in London.

Oh yeah, he (Joe) lives in our village.

Bye x



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