“Why do you always have an Asda bag?” – 6th February 1997

My Thursday 6th Guitar and drum lessons were on tonight. Here’s how it went. Emma and I took our bags to Music then went straight to the shop. We got half way and saw the queue so we went back again. After a few minutes we went back to the shop again [Jesus. I hope this story is about to get more exciting. I won’t get my hopes up…] then on the way back we saw Dougie, Ian and Mal Johansson getting 2 big drums out of the boot of a car. It took Mal to shift one and both Dougie and Ian for the other. We got the Music doors before them all so we opened it for Dougie and Ian then closed them again (after being thanked) on Mal, who we hate.

Before any of our lessons, Emma, Dougie and I were standing in the corridor. I was surprised no one told him that I fancy him actually. Emma sort of wandered off and I was left with Dougie. It was embarrassing coz we were just silent. He leaned against the wall next to me until Emma came back when he shifted again and went to his guitar lesson.

He came out (eventually) and picked up his bag and stuff so I said (coz he had one) [And I was clearly desperate for something, ANYTHING to say to him.] “Why do you always have an Asda bag?” He just said, “Sorry (smiling) I’ll bring a Kwik Save one or something next time!”

He laughed and walked off and Emma and Zoe followed him so I did too. That dizzy cow, Zoe, was nattering in his ear until he reached his youngest sister. I yelled, “Who’s that?” to him and he yelled back, “My sister!” I just said, “Oh, I thought it was one of your girlfriends!” He laughed and pulled her hat off and went. It went boring after that.

I also saw Dougie at lunch. A few times. I went into Music and he came out of a room and went so I went into the store room to see if his guitar was there. It was so I turned round and Dougie was standing there! He really made me jump! [Because I was caught stalking his guitar.]

I like him again now he’s back on Thursday evenings. I hope he doesn’t go again coz I went off him before. (I think I hope anyway.) [What?!]


Abby’s Thursday 6th Hi, I still can’t believe MUFC have lost.

Nothing much has happened in the last few days. Today was good though. I had my saxophone lesson. Dougie and Charlie were there. Hardly anything happened. It was just me and Dora because Evie didn’t come.

I embarrassed myself in front of Miss J (sax teacher) but I can’t be bothered explaining. [Boo!]


I ♥ CW

Bye x

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