All of Dougie’s gang were hiding – 5th February 1997

My Wednesday 5th Hi! Dougie was in the Home Economics room at lunch again today. He was sorting his ingredients out. Ralph and Freddie Bevan were there too. Basically, I was embarrassed coz of last Thursday with Dougie and so was he. Ralph and Lizzie were embarrassed by each other coz they went out for a few days in Bangor. Also, Freddie thinks that Emma fancies him and she knows that he thinks it so they went red too!

At lunch, I was with Emma and Lizzie and we all spotted Ralph wandering round. Next thing we knew, all of Dougie’s gang were hiding round the back of the 6th Form block from him. When he wasn’t looking, they all legged it into the canteen! Daft or what?

I also saw Charlie W today. I was going to say something coz I was with Emma but he looked at me as if to say, “Please don’t say anything in front of my mates!”


P.S. Thursday tomorrow! I wonder if guitar and drum lessons are on!

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