I wanna thump them all! – 4th February 1997

My Tuesday 4th [Switch off now if you don’t like football or mild swearing. We do get some stalking in though…] SHIT! Sorry. BLOODY WIMBLEDON! I’d never heard of them before this season. They were probably all tennis players in tennis skirts before. They won though. 1-0. Man Utd have lost the FA Cup. BLOODY HELL! Even Schmeichel scored but that bloody ref said he was offside! I don’t give a toss anymore though. [Er, yeah… seems that way.] What’s done is done! Fingers crossed, Man Utd could still win the Premiership.

Oh yeah, Bolton lost 3-2 as well. Shit!

I walked past Dougie’s form on the way to P.E. today and he was stood at the window putting his coat on. I didn’t want to see his reaction after he saw me but I had to look away anyway before I smiled to myself and he saw me.

I saw him again in the library at lunch when I went to do my Maths homework that I’d ‘forgotten’ about. I didn’t see him at first until he stood up. He was on his bill and saw me. I think I went red and I think he was embarrassed coz he was walking funnily again.

All my friends are going to The Cliff on the Thursday in the holidays and I can’t. It’s MUFC’s training ground and I’ve got to go to London. They’ll probably see all the players too. It’s not fair. I’m probably the one that likes football most out of the lot that are going (except Freda). They’re probably just going to see how fit they all are!

When they come back it’ll be all, “Ooh, it was great! I’ve got tonnes of autographs and you’ve not got any!” It will be like that, believe me! Yes, I am just bloody jealous too. They all just suddenly took an interest the few seconds after Freda mentioned The Cliff. I bet they don’t get any autographs for me and if they do they’ll be photocopies, no doubt!

I bet they all plan to make me really jealous. It’s working already because they know I can’t go and I really want to. They’re rubbing it in by keeping on talking about it in front of me! They do it accidentally-on-purpose. I can tell!

Olivia keeps going, “Ha ha I’m going!”
Lizzie is all, “It’ll be dead good!”
Freda is, “We’ll see all the players!”
Emma’s just all innocent and keeps making me want to spew when she goes, “I’m sure you’ll get to go one day!”

I wanna thump them all! (But I won’t.) (Probably.)


January 1996 - MUFC rule

Abby’s Tuesday 4th Hi, United have just LOST against WIMBLEDON. That means they’re OUT of the FA CUP. It’s not bloody fair. That’s the first time in more than 4 bloody years. I just can’t believe it. I HATE Wimbledon!

I saw Charlie Wilson today and he smiled at me because I walked away when I saw him. Then Becky dragged me back again. Anyway, I don’t care.

I hate Wimbledon badly. BLOODY HELL. (Sorry!) Schmeichel scored as well but they didn’t bloody allow it because he was off bloody side. I hate the referee and I hate W’don. I can’t even stand to write it anymore.



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