No boys like me – 3rd February 1997

My Monday 3rd Actually, I didn’t go to school today. I’ve had a heavy cold for a few days now and I wasn’t feeling much better this morning.

I got a phone call from Emma this evening telling me what I’d missed. It wasn’t much apart from she asked Neil Kennedy out and he kept her waiting before he said no.

She’s really desperate now and we went through all the potential boyfriends for her but half of them she’d asked before and the rest definitely wouldn’t or were prats.

No boys like me (as far as I know). Not even Ed coz Emma said she was making it up about him fancying me. Never mind.

Charlie Wilson fancies Ruby Tennant and has asked Vanessa Wood to go with [snog] him according to Emma but then who knows with her!


Abby’s Monday 3rd Hello, I saw Charlie today quite a bit, I really do love him too much.

Vanessa Wood, this girl Emma knows, told Emma that Charlie asked her to go with him. We don’t know if they’re making it up but I went crazy. I really love him.

I don’t know if I’ve told you but I’ve changed my middle name from Rose to Ricci. [PAH HAHAHA!! No! You didn’t tell me, Abby Ricci Simpson. You wazzock.]



Bye x

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