I love him and she doesn’t – 2nd February 1997

My Sunday 2nd Emma, Abby and I went to the Old Trafford shops (megastore and superstore) at Manchester United’s ground. It was good. Mum and Dad dropped us off while they went to PC World for computer stuff.

I bought a black Umbro polo shirt with the MUFC logo on it. It was quite busy there but there was no match.

Anyway, I’d better go. I’ve got school tomorrow.


I ♥ MUFC & Dougie & ?

Abby’s Sunday 2nd Hi, we went to Old Trafford today with Emma whilst Mum and Dad went to PC World.

It’s not fair. Tess and Emma and some other people in school are going skiing. Charlie is going too and they’ll be sleeping with him. [??! I’m assuming this was meant innocently, as in sleeping-in-the-same-dormitory.]

My year was meant to be going but all the places went to the older years first. It’s really unfair. She’ll get to see him in the holidays and I love him and she doesn’t. (I hope!)

I’m actually admitting I’m totally obsessed and I love him too much. I really do ♥ him.


Bye x

One thought on “I love him and she doesn’t – 2nd February 1997

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