“Dougie! Tess thinks you’re fit!” – 30th-31st January 1997

My Thursday 30th


I arrived in the music rooms after school for my flute lesson and I walked round the corner and there he was with Pallav and Ian Robertson.

I dumped my bag quickly and walked off quickly. As soon as I was out of earshot, I burst out laughing. It wasn’t funny, it was coz I was very embarrassed after what Hayley said to him the other day.

Emma and I started walking round outside and Pallav, Ian and Dougie walked out. We were about to go to the shop until we saw them going there. After a while we followed and we met up with Abby, Dora and Evie. Dougie etc. all walked past us so Dora yelled, “Dougie! Tess thinks you’re fit!” You could tell he was embarrassed by the way he walked off shaking his head and not looking back. I was bloody embarrassed too!

We got back in school and walked past them again and I told Dougie, “I don’t think you’re fit, actually.” Then said, “You’re minging” under my breath which I don’t think he heard.

The whole lot of us were stood in Mr P’s room and Dougie, Pallav and Ian were in the corridor waiting to go into their lesson. I could see Dougie and I kept looking up and catching his eye.

Later, when they came out of their lesson, he picked up his bags and guitar and went. Just as he was going, Zoe started talking to him and I heard, “Tess is getting jealous coz I’m talking to you.” I just denied it. He went.

Ian went on the keyboards and, a few seconds later, Dougie came back. His mum hadn’t arrived so he sat at a keyboard too. Emma said something like, “Tess fancies you” and Zoe joined in teasing us too. Stupid cows.

Dougie went all embarrassed again and he stood behind a filing cabinet so I couldn’t see him going red. It was too embarrassing!

Dougie’s not coming skiing but he’s coming to orchestra tomorrow.

I said hello to Charlie when he came out of his lesson and he gave me a funny, smiley look so I said, “Abby’s still after you. And Emma.”

I was also teasing Neil Kennedy about him fancying Cat on the trip to Bangor. It’s usually him winding other people up. He’s not used to having it done himself!


Abby’s Friday 31st Hi, I can’t say nothing happened yesterday because it did. Dougie has had his lesson changed back to a Thursday again. Dora shouted, “Tess thinks you’re fit!” He just ignored her.

I didn’t see Charlie because when he did come out of his guitar lesson he went straight home. That meant I didn’t see him.

Onto today now. I went to Swing Band. It wasn’t too bad.

Everyone is going to a disco tonight and I wasn’t invited. Everyone was trying to persuade them. Even Max came up to me and asked if I was going to the party. I said I wasn’t invited and he said, “Well come anyway. I think you should.” Or something like that.

It was good in orchestra. Dougie wasn’t playing but Charlie was there. We finished early so Charlie went on the keyboards. Emma, Tess and I were stood outside the room. Emma went in and said, ”Can I ask you a question?” How do you read drum music?” He went on about, “Well it’s all based on lines” and so on. He sounded so swotty and sad. I just burst out laughing.

Tess is hiding something from me. I don’t know what though.

Nothing else very interesting happened so I won’t bother saying anything else.

Bye x

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