He’s weird but I still love him – 27th–29th January 1997

My Monday 27th I’ve not really got too much to write except about Dougie. Hayley spoke to him today. I’m not sure if I believe her but I think I do. Anyway, this is how Hayley said it went:

(Lee Mason was holding a door closed on Dougie and wouldn’t let him in the room.)
Dougie: What do I have to do to make you let me in?
Hayley: (To Lee) Tess fancies him!
Lee: Go out with Tess.
Dougie: No.
Hayley: Why not? She’s a nice girl.
Dougie: I know but the person who I fancy won’t go out with me.
Hayley: So go out with Tess.
Dougie: No, I don’t like her.

I suppose he got into the room eventually. Soft lad! Talking it out! Most lads would’ve thumped Lee!

I’m not actually too bothered about what he thinks of me. [Whatevs.] I don’t like him as much as I used to really. I like someone else a bit too but I’m not writing his name down just in case Emma or someone gets hold of this diary. I’ll keep you guessing for a while! [CLIFFHANGER! I bet it was Charlie. I can’t actually remember and it feels like cheating to read ahead to find out! I shall kept myself in suspense too.]


Abby’s Monday 27th Hi, I didn’t write yesterday because absolutely nothing happened.

Today I saw Charlie a bit but I saw Dougie more. Becky said she’s going to ask him out herself tomorrow at flute lesson. I think she will too.

When I saw Charlie he was at the end of the pathway between the Sports Hall and tennis courts. He was just stood there staring at us. We went and talked to some of our friends and then went back to the yard. When I looked, he was still there staring.

He’s weird but I still love him.


Bye x

Abby’s Wednesday 29th Hi, I didn’t write yesterday because nothing happened.

Tomorrow we’ve got our assembly and it’s going to be a disaster.

I only saw Charlie once today and that was when we were going into Maths.

We’ve got our music lessons tomorrow and I don’t want to go. I don’t know if Charlie will be there or not. I ❤ him.

Becky reckons Sophie fancies Lewis Grant. I don’t think she does.

Tomorrow is going to be bad. I can tell.

Becky thinks Dougie’s got his music lesson on a Thursday again. We’ll see tomorrow, won’t we.



Bye x

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