You didn’t see me stamping round the house, screaming insults – 24th–25th January 1997

My Friday 24th Mollie’s ok, thank goodness! It turned out she had gastritis or something and, as I said, she was dehydrated but she should get better, hopefully.

Mr P is going to try and get Dougie to play percussion in orchestra next week. I don’t really want him to. It’s too embarrassing! Mr P will probably say something.

Abby’s going to see Man Utd v Wimbledon at Old Trafford tomorrow with her friend, Julia Dennis. It’s not fair coz I was meant to be going with Freda coz I missed out on the Peter Andre concert [Gutted.] but I doubt I’ll ever get to go. I’m the only one in the family (or will be) that hasn’t seen a Man Utd match. I probably never will. [I’d be quite happy about this nowadays. I couldn’t give less of a toss about football if I tried.]

My friends aren’t really into football except Lizzie. Emma pretends that she is but it’s so obvious she doesn’t have a clue.

I really, really want to go to a match but we cannot get tickets. Not that my family would take me anyway.

It’s just the smug look Abby’s had on her face all evening that’s sickening! I mean, the moment she thought there was the slightest chance I might be going with Freda, she was yelling at me, telling me I couldn’t go. She just wouldn’t leave it but now it’s her going for definite, well, that’s just a different story all together. You didn’t see me stamping round the house, screaming insults at my sister. [Although, this may happen if she tries to make me go to a football match this season.]

[Now for an abrupt change of subject and some stalking…]

I’ve really hurt my knee but I’m not sure how. It’s swollen up a bit too now.

I copied Charlie W’s name in his handwriting out of the front of that book. […But I DID NOT fancy him. OK? He was a prat, very sad and I didn’t like him! Alright?]

January 1996 - Charlie writing

Oh, yeah, he has a navy blue car, Rover, registration [Yes, I wrote it down here but I DIDN’T FANCY HIM! OK?!]


Abby’s Friday 24th Hi, I’m going to a Manchester United match tomorrow. Can you believe it? Isn’t it the most? To say the least. (Sorry) [I believe this is a quote from Grease. Abby loved Grease almost as much as I loved Pride and Prejudice.]

After the football, I’m going to Max Higginson’s birthday party.

I’m going to MUFC at Old Trafford with Julia Dennis. Tess isn’t pleased at all, as you can imagine, but she cheered up a bit when she found out that Julia lives in Dougie’s village.

Pity we don’t drive through Charlie’s village. Then I could see him. I didn’t go to Swing Band today because of him.



Bye x

Abby’s Saturday 25th Hi, today was one of the best days ever (for me). At 12:00 I went to Julia Dennis’s house. We went bowling with her brother and his friend (Julia fancies the friend and Max Higginson) to the bowling alley and had lunch there until 2:40pm.

Then we went to Old Trafford to watch the Manchester United v Wimbledon match. In the last few minutes of the game, Scholes scored with a header and then they (the other team) scored as well. That was absolutely brilliant and there is nothing like it [I guess she meant generally brilliant and hadn’t become a Wimbledon fan.] You could never describe how good it is. I really want to go again.

We went back to Julia’s house after the match and got changed for Max’s party. We got there at 7:20pm but it had started at 7:10pm. At 10:00pm we came home and now it’s 11:20pm. [Exact times seem to matter when you’re 12.]


Bye x


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