He tried to ignore me so I whistled at him – 23rd January 1997

My Thursday 23rd What a day! It was so embarrassing in Maths after Johnny Doherty had been pratting about. Mrs L wanted him to sit on his own so she made me move to her desk. It was awful. I just couldn’t concentrate. Lizzie best be back tomorrow!

Abby was really embarrassed too today when Melanie shouted to Charlie, “She loves you and she wants your body!” Abby went even redder than Emma did yesterday. That’s really saying something!

After school, Emma was telling everyone who she fancied in front of Mr P. Weird or what?

I told Charlie that Emma still fancies him. He tried to ignore me so I whistled at him.

Mollie’s really ill. It’s awful. She kept being sick and had the runs over the past few days but this morning she had no energy. Dad rushed her to the vet and she had injections and medicine and they said she probably had a bad stomach upset and is dehydrated. She has to go back tomorrow. She’s a sick little Scottie and there’s a chance she could even die! I certainly hope not. I’m so worried. I suppose we’ll just have to see tomorrow.


Abby’s Thursday 23rd Hi, sorry I haven’t written in the last few days. Nothing much has happened.

I’ve told some people I don’t fancy Charlie Wilson any more. I do though. I think he’s gorgeous.

Today at break I was talking to Melanie and he walked past. Melanie went, “Hi Charlie!” He just sort of grunted and then she said, “She loves you and wants your body!” I just went bright red and walked off with Becky.

Tonight at saxophone lesson I tried to avoid him as much as possible. I managed until the end when he was walking past and Dora goes, “Bye Charlie Wilson!” and he goes, “Bye Dora Preston!” I wish he’d said that to me. I ♥ him.

Tess says she said something too.


I ♥ CW

Mollie is ill. I wish she’ll be alright.

I ♥ Mollie & Charlie W

Bye x

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