I was surrounded! – 22nd January 1997

My Wednesday 22nd It was so embarrassing at lunch today. Lizzie had to get a skiing letter off Mrs K (the Home Economics teacher) so we walked in one of the doors connecting to two Home Economics rooms and I caught sight of an Adidas coat and guess who it was. Dougie. He was standing there staring with an Asda bag in one hand and a whisk in the other. [This is conjuring up images of a 14 year old Angelos Epithemiou.] My stomach felt like it had collapsed I was that embarrassed. I don’t know why really!

I got to the other side of the room and, when Lizzie was getting her letter, I talked to Lucy who had been cooking. I glanced up at the other door and I couldn’t believe it! I was surrounded! Charlie Wilson on one door and Dougie on the other!

I eventually went past Charlie and managed to control my mouth and laughter at the shade of red Emma had turned!

Abby thinks that Charlie fancies me and that I fancy him. I DO NOT! OK? He’s a prat, very sad and I don’t like him! Alright?


2 thoughts on “I was surrounded! – 22nd January 1997

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