He was ranking us in order of fitness – 21st January 1997

My Tuesday 21st Hi! Right, well, it’s really only my worries I have got to write down. [For a change.] The biggest one at the moment is this ski trip with school to Austria. Do I go or do I stay in England?

Some of my friends are going, some aren’t so I’m either going to miss a holiday or miss what happens here.

What if I go and I go and I end up on my own? That would be awful!

The trip also starts on Friday 13th February 1998 with a 2 day coach journey. Urrgh!

[And more importantly…] Dougie – is he going or not?

I want to go really but if none of my friends are, what do I do?

There’s another thing that’s more of a problem and it’s really bugging me actually. There’s this girl called Heather Newton who Emma and I made friends with in Bangor but now, every time we walk past her and her mates, they giggle.

I don’t know if it’s about me but I’m pretty sure it’s got something to do with Emma. For instance, they said, “Hi Emma!” when we walked past at lunch as if they were taking the mick out of her. Then, outside the shop, one of them was stood behind Emma and mouthed a few words that included ‘lover’.

I have now decided (this may seem tight) to keep out of Emma’s way whenever I see them. [That was pretty tight but we’re talking self-preservation in the teen-slap-teen world of secondary school.]

Ed’s off on one again! He fancies Olivia, right, and in Science he was sitting with Freda, Emma, me and Olivia and he was ranking us in order of fitness. [Nice.] Olivia came first, then Emma 2nd and Freda 4th. He didn’t mention me until the end when he decided that I was joint 1st with Olivia!


One thought on “He was ranking us in order of fitness – 21st January 1997

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! Ive started following… looking forward to reading some more posts from you!


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