She thinks she can read peoples’ minds – 20th January 1997

My Monday 20th Sorry I haven’t written for a while. It’s just that nothing really happened that was worth mentioning.

I was walking across the yard to Lizzie at lunch and Charlie Wilson was sitting on one of the benches. I glanced up at him and he was watching me walking past (as well as stuffing his face).

In English, we finally got the Romeo and Juliet books and guess whose book mine was last year. Charlie Wilson’s. It said Charlie Wilson 9L in the front and it was book number 12 which is my favourite number. It’s so weird considering whose Shakespeare book Abby got (Dougie’s). Emma reckons it means something.

Emma thinks that I fancy Owen Kendal now after I said I fancied someone other than Dougie. I was winding her up, the stupid cow! She is just so pathetic sometimes! [The fancying-Owen-Kendal accusation really seemed to hit a nerve i.e. I probably did fancy him.]

The other really annoying thing about Emma is that she has to be in on everything. She always barges inbetween people when we’re trying to have a conversation. I’m not the only one who’s noticed either. It’s also ok for her to be in a mood but as soon as anyone else is, she starts calling you moody and grumpy. Speak for yourself, Emma!

She thinks she can read peoples’ minds and tells you exactly what she thinks you’re thinking. Most of the time she’s not even close to right!

If Emma reads this part and gets bothered about it, it’s her own bloody fault for reading other peoples’ personal and private diaries!

BYE! [Ooh, all in capitals! I really was angry.]

Abby’s Monday 20th Hi, I did see Charlie today but not much. Tess was going out of school and I was stood by the icy man and she was going, “Turn round!” so I did and Charlie was walking into the building right behind me. [It’s nice to know we were close enough to aid each other’s stalking.]


Bye x

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