I wish he’d taken more off – 15th January 1997

Just popped into 2014 again to tell you that my turn on stage at the Blog North Awards do was filmed. It’s a bit dark and wobbly but you can still hear me and I thought you might like the proof that I actually did it!

Back to 1997 and my worryings about Drama (which is along the same lines as my worryings 18 years later about my live teenage diary reading!)…


T x

My Wednesday 15th I’ve been panicking about Drama for a week now with these embarrassing scripts. You have to work with a lad (I’m with Jack Eddison) and read the scripts. We’re being the characters Carl and Gail who are boyfriend and girlfriend and dozy. We’ve got to put on northern accents, which none of my form really needs to bother with coz we talk like that anyway.

The lesson today wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. We had to act out a scene when we’re on a date (Why couldn’t I be working with Dougie? I suppose he’s not in my form.) so we did the greyhound races. I don’t like Jack at all, he’s a prat, but we came up with quite a good sketch.

Gail (me) [Thanks for the clarification.] didn’t understand anything so Carl had to explain it all to her but we decided he wouldn’t understand either. When we acted it out, we got a few laughs.

Olivia, Cat, Freda, Emma and I were all in the Sports block at lunch and Mr P the music teacher walked past. The conversation went like this:

Emma: Sir, is Dougie’s lesson back on Thursday? Tess wants to know.
Mr P: I don’t know, Emma. (He turned round and grinned at me.)
Me: She always uses me as an excuse to ask!
Mr P: I know!

Evidently, after Emma and I had gone, Mr P went up to Cat and Olivia and asked what room was Emma’s form room and they told him. When their form sat down in afternoon registration, Ralph walked in and said, “I’ve got an announcement to make. James Douglas’s music lesson is now on a Tuesday. I don’t know why Mr P told me to say that!” Emma just sat there going red and Ralph must have twigged who the message was for.


Abby’s Wednesday 15th Hi, today was great. I hung round with Becky most of the day. At lunch we went down to the field and we saw Charlie Wilson. We stayed there all the time and then when the bell went we walked back and he was stood on his bill [On his own.] in the middle of the yard.

Becky didn’t know I fancied him but I think she twigged when I kept talking about him. She definitely knew when I shouted, “Oh my God he’s taking his coat off! I wish he’d taken more off.” [Ha ha haaa! Abby! You little perve!]



See you x

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