It wasn’t a disgusted no – 12th & 14th January 1997

Hello from 2014! I thought I should mention that I only blooming went and won the category of ‘Best Personal Blog’ at the Blog North awards do last night in Manchester!! OMGzies! I was so shocked that I think I did a mild swear down the microphone.


Check out my motherflippin’ crown!

I want to say a massive TA VERY MUCH to anyone who voted for If Destroyed Still True and also MEGA CONGRATULATIONS to all the other winners. It was lovely to meet other shortlistees in real life, particularly Stacey of Bitten By The Dog. It was good fun and I would very much recommend heading over to any future awards nights if you’re in northerly territory.

Sorry if I waffled at anyone during the evening. I was in a bit of a sleep-deprived hunger daze. Due to the nerves of reading my teenage diary out to actual people sitting in the same room, I survived the day on only about 4 hours sleep and a scotch egg.

All the blogs, both winners and the others shortlisted, are definitely worth checking out if you have a spare few moments. There are links to them all on the Blog North Awards website.

Right, let’s get back to the 90s and just how fit Charlie Wilson was…


T x

My Sunday 12th I watched a Friday 13th (a horror film) with Emma yesterday.

Today, I went to the cinema with Hayley to see 101 Dalmatians. It was better than I thought it’d be actually. The 101, sorry, 99 puppies were so cute!

We went to McDonald’s for lunch then as soon as I got home, Emma turned up so Hayley stayed and the 4 of us (Abby included) had 2 games of Pictionary whilst watching the Man U v Spurs match. I’m not sure who won coz we had to take Emma and Hayley home. Last time I saw it was 1-1.

We were talking about Hayley asking Dougie out for me. She said it wasn’t a disgusted no, it was more of a no, I can’t. He actually said, “Er…(long pause) [Because it matters?]… No.”


Abby’s Sunday 12th Hi, Tess went to the cinema today with Hayley. She didn’t take me and I hate her.

She’s been making things up about who she fancies but she’s still not really told me. I just hope it’s not Charlie. Emma told me she fancies him again but then she changed her mind. I won’t ever.

CW’s 1,000,000% FIT & MORE.

Bye x

Abby’s Monday 13th Hi, Tess is here beating me up. [Whatevs. I’d never have got away in one piece!] She’s threatening to tell lover boy that I want to snog him [More believable…] if I don’t tell her who Emma fancies.

[A scribbled threat added at the bottom of the page from me…]

January 1996 - I WILL TOO


I didn’t see Charlie at all today. Tess says he’s got his old coat again. Maybe that’s why I didn’t spot him.



Bye x

Abby’s Tuesday 14th Hi, my hand won’t stop itching and I don’t know why.

I saw Charlie 3 times today. 2wice [??] he walked right past me. Wow. The other time he was with his pink clear plastic folder that he carried round with him everywhere (when he’s got music lessons I presume).

When I was walking down by the Sports Hall, I saw Dougie. Becky and I waved to him. He just sort of nodded and walked off.

I LOVE CHARLIE WILSON infinity & more 4eva & eva & eva (Amen)



Bye x

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