They do say you can’t picture your loved ones – 10th & 11th January 1997

My Friday 10th I was walking to school with Zoe and Poppy today and the first thing I noticed was the bright red coat of Charlie’s on the all-weather pitch playing football.

I still haven’t worked out why it’s called the all-weather pitch coz it dries up in summer and floods or freezes over the winter!

I got moved up from a mixed ability set in Geography, History and R.E. to the very top set. I’m now with most of my friends which I’m pleased about.

In orchestra it was really embarrassing for me coz this conversation happened…

Zoe: You’re obsessed with Charlie Wilson aren’t you, Emma?
Emma: Well, Tess is obsessed with Dougie.
Me: I am not! [LIAR!]
Mr P: I’m thinking of getting Dougie to play the kit, Tess.
Me: I don’t really care.
Emma: You do.
Mr P: If he does, you can both fight over him!

It was a loud conversation too.

The funny thing that happened was that when the brass were playing a part, Emma (not realising there were pauses between every few notes) started talking to Zoe about Theo and the whole orchestra heard her say, “Why is Theo such a wanker?”

Charlie kept watching me after Zoe told him he had two admirers. He knows one’s Emma and I bet he thinks the other one is me. It certainly is not. It’s Abby.

Abby thinks I like him but, to tell you the truth, I think he’s the w?!*#r in our orchestra!


Abby’s Friday 10th Hi, I’m sort of glad it’s the weekend but the thing is I won’t see Charlie for 2 whole days and nights. [NooooOOOOOoo!!]

I went to Youth Club and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I couldn’t picture him though which was annoying but they do say you can’t picture your loved ones. [Amazing. Nearly inhaled my Weetabix LOL-ing at that this morning.] That’s Charlie alright.

I’ve been covering my bedroom walls with posters & these

January 1996 - MUFC


We had orchestra today and we’ve all moved round. I can still see Charlie but not as much as I would like.

I missed Swing Band at lunch and so did Charlie. I saw him playing footy on the all weather pitch. He’s fit. I hope I see him this weekend.

I wish he’d go out with me but he’d have to ask me.


See you x

Abby’s Saturday 11th Hi, what if Charlie hates me. I hope he doesn’t because I love him too much. [This is teenage diary gold!]

Sadie and May went into town with some boys. They asked everyone else but none could go. They never asked me. They talked about it in front of me but they never asked me. Charming, hey? I still think they don’t like me.

Tess went to Emma’s and watched a scary video rated 18. She’s going to the cinema tomorrow with Hayley. She’s not letting me go. I wish she would. [Oh no! I’m sorry!]


Bye x

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