She was two-timing him – 9th January 1997

My Thursday 9th Lizzie wasn’t in today but there are more songs about Megan like:

How much is that doggy in the window?
The one with the old woman’s hair,
If you are daft enough to buy her,
She’ll follow you everywhere.

Actually, Lizzie did the first two lines. The other song is:

Dougie and his dog (WOOF!),
Went onto the field,
Owen, Ferny, Greenhalgh, Ingle, Dougie and his dog (WOOF!),
Went onto the field!

I know it’s tight but it is Megan! [And we were all well jel that she was the object of Dougie’s affections that week.]

Emma said that Ed said that Dougie was going to dump Megan actually because she was two-timing him or something! Fingers crossed, hey?

The other things was that Hayley went and asked Dougie out for me and she said he didn’t listen the first time so she asked again and he thought about it for a few seconds, then he said no! [Did this deter me? Did it ‘eck.] I didn’t ask her to say that.

I was sat directly behind him in the Drama studio for assembly this morning. Freda managed to control her big gob, amazingly!

Every time I moved or something, he sort of tried to look discretely at me to see what I was doing. Then when his form won the attendance certificate (my form dropped from 2nd out of 8 to 7th) he had hold of it and turned round and grinned at me!

There’s a chance that Dougie’s guitar lesson is back on a Thursday [This mattered because it was the same day as my flute lesson and I got an extra 5 minutes in his company.] but I very much doubt it somehow.

Abby is really, really bugging me at the moment coz she keeps coming into my room and she keeps following me and my friends round as if she hasn’t got any of her own!


Abby’s Thursday 9th Hi, saxophone lessons weren’t on tonight. Pity though. Charlie has a guitar and drum lesson on a Thursday. I would normally see him.

I’ve found out that Tess fancies him. I really hate her. Not just for this.

I’ve also found out that Charlie has Maths when we have Drama today and then he has Science (I think) and we have History. I love him. I was walking right behind him. I love him.

I love Charlie 1,000,000 and infinity%

Bye x

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