Emma decided to get her ears pierced – 4th-6th January 1997

My Saturday 4th I’ve got to get used to writing 1997 on stuff!

On Thursday, I went ice skating to Altrincham ice rink with Lizzie, Emma, Freda and Poppy. Then on Friday, the news reporters were there with cameras to do a story on the Altrincham Aces ice hockey team. It’s a shame they weren’t there on Thursday.

Today I went to the next village for lunch with Emma and Abby. Emma decided to get her ears pierced in the shop above the supermarket. I told her not to but she ignored me. [I was so sensible/scared/BORING. Nothing’s changed. And I still haven’t got my ears pierced.]

Emma, Abby and I then went back to Emma’s house to tell her mum about the earrings. She wasn’t very keen on them at all and she said Abby and I should go home. We set off and heard Emma’s mum saying she was going back to the shop and she did.

Abby wants her ears done too so when we got home she told Mum. Mum said she agreed with Emma’s mum and would’ve gone back to the shop too!


Abby’s Saturday 4th Hi, only one more day of holidays now then we go back to school and I can see Charlie. I can’t wait till Thursday after school because he has a music lesson and so do I. (I think he does anyway.)

We didn’t go to Charlie’s village today. Shame. Emma got her ears pierced above the supermarket without her mum’s permission.

She was in trouble when she got home and her mum even went back to the shop after sending us home. Stupid cow. (Sorry.)


Bye x

Abby’s Sunday 5th Hi, I go back to school tomorrow. I don’t want to. I only want to see Charlie and that’s all.

There was this thing in the paper today and you can find out your moon sign. My moon sign is Taurus and my sun sign is Gemini (my normal sign). Charlie Wilson is:

Sun – Leo
Moon – Aquarius

I think. It depends on his birthday. I’m going to do some more now with Tess.



Bye x

Abby’s Monday 6th Hi, school wasn’t too bad. I got loads of homework though. Never mind.

That was the bad news. The good news is I saw Charlie Wilson loads. I kept saying to Melanie that if I walked in or out of a door I don’t know what I’d do if he was stood there. Anyway, guess what, it happened. I just ran off [Standard Simpson reaction, it seems.] and told Melanie.

He’s got a new coat. It’s red and black and looks like this:

January 1996 - Charlie's coat

I LOVE CHARLIE 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000% and more. However much that is.

Bye x

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