I am not going to let lads ruin my fun! – 1st-3rd January 1997

My Wednesday 1st

January 1996 - HNY

Goodbye 1996! Hello 1997!

A bit of bad news from yesterday. Megan Quinn may be going out with Dougie!

So what?! One of my new year’s resolutions is that I am not going to let lads ruin my fun!

I had a good time in the snow yesterday (which was a few minutes ago last year). Mollie (the dog) enjoyed herself too! If it starts snowing again really heavily on Sunday, maybe we won’t have to go back to school! [This happened only once or twice in my school life because I lived close enough to walk. I still longed for it every winter.]

I don’t want too much snow (some, of course) for Thursday though coz I’m going ice skating with my mates at the rink in Altrincham!

I think I’ll go now, maybe to watch the Hogmanay celebrations on TV with Dad and Mollie.

Before I go, I’ll write it again…



Abby’s Wednesday 1st Hi, HAPPY NEW YEAR. It was really thick snow today. It had been snowing all night. (I think.)

We were meant to be going to Charlie’s village today but we didn’t because of the snow.

Sadie fancies Charlie as well. I know because she told me but I fancy him more. I think he is 100% fit, gorgeous and sexy. Sadie isn’t really allowed to fancy him because she is going out with Hugh Halton. Jen is going out with Mitchell Hawkes.

I’ve found out that Ed fancies Tess. Yuck. [We’d known him since we were tiny.]

Bye x

Abby’s Thursday 2nd Hi, Tess went ice skating with Emma, Lizzie, Poppy and Freda today. I went to the shops in Altrin(c)gham (it’s got a C in there somewhere!) I didn’t get anything.

When we took them all home, Emma wanted to go last so she could see Charlie’s house (I expect) because after we dropped Poppy off we went to his village to drop Freda off. We went past his house twice because we went to Lizzie’s village where Dougie (James Douglas) lives. Tess fancies him. I found out he’s going out with Megan Quinn.


Bye x

Abby’s Friday 3rd Hi, we went to town today to get school shoes and coats (shoes for both of us and a coat for just me). I got a pair of ankle boots and a Le Coq Sportif coat [Niiiiiiice.] and they’re really good but the coat doesn’t suit me at all. It was £65.

I think Tess tried on my boots and trainers before but she wouldn’t tell me. [Hee hee!]

I might be going to the next village tomorrow with Tess and Emma but only if Tess lets me go further to see lover boy Charlie. I LOVE CHARLIE 100%.

Bye x

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