LOVE = 92% – 24th December 1996

My Tuesday 24th Emma came round for a while to day and we mostly just talked.

Charlie Wilson’s birthday is in August which makes me only about 3 months younger than him so Emma and Abby are a bit miffed now because they’re quite a lot younger! Dougie’s birthday is on 12th December and mine’s exactly a month before his.

I got my cousin Rhian to work out a percentage on her personal organiser thing. I’ve just phoned her and she typed into the Matchmaker part:

12th November 1982
12th December 1982

And it’s come up with LOVE = 92% and 9 hearts which is good, sorry, GREAT! 9 out of 10!

December 1996 - 9 hearts

[I then noted down Dougie’s and Charlie’s phone numbers for future stalking tasks.]


December 1996 - xmas tree end

Abby’s Tuesday 24th Hi, it’s Christmas Eve now and I’m in bed. Tess is coming in in a minute so I’ll have to hurry up.

Emma came round today and we went out on our bikes hoping to see Charlie. We didn’t but I found out his phone number. We looked in the phone book.

It is: [Charlie’s phone number was written down in pink because she luuuurved him.]

Cool isn’t it.

He lives at: [Charlie’s address was written down here for prowling missions.]


Bye x

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