She thinks I’m saying it coz I fancy him – 23rd December 1996

My Monday 23rd I went to Charlie’s village today with Mum and Abby to deliver Freda’s and Cat’s presents for Christmas. I had to show Abby Charlie’s house but there was no sign of him.

We stopped off at the shop but we couldn’t find a parking space so we were just driving out of the car park and Charlie walked past! I couldn’t believe it. What a coincidence! [Not really. We only lived 3 miles apart and there was only one decent shop around. Hardly small-world stuff.] He was on his own and he might’ve spotted me.

I’ve been trying to convince Abby what a prat he is but she won’t listen and she thinks I’m saying it coz I fancy him and I am trying to put her off him! [I DID FANCY HIM! Why lie in my own diary when I’ve already pretty much admitted it?!]

Abby got a letter from Rhian, our 11 year old cousin in Caithness. I didn’t. In it (Abby let me read it) she said that she’d been getting scary Christmas cards. She actually thinks it could be me sending them!


[I found the following letter in the back of my diary that I wrote to Rhian after being accused of sending scary Chirstmas cards. Who even does that?! Christmas and scary don’t go hand in hand… unless you think too hard about Father Christmas sneaking into your house in the dead of night, knowing when you’re sleeping, knowing when you’re awake. CREEP!

Anyway, the letter that I had put a stamp on but never posted said…]

Dear Rhian,

                     Abby let me read the letter you sent to her.
How dare you accuse me of writing cards like that! It’s
nice to know you trust your cousin, isn’t it?

Thanks a bunch.                                                         


P.S. I wouldn’t have even dreamt of doing something
like that!

December 1996 - holly end

Abby’s Monday 23rd Hi, this year I am more concerned about seeing Charlie than Christmas.

You’ll never guess what happened today. Well, we went into Charlie’s village with Mum to take round Freda’s and Cat’s Xmas presents. We were looking out for Charlie but we didn’t see him.

I’ve seen his house now. [Stalker level-up!] It’s the one with the funny roof, opposite the school, next to the white house and also next to the hall. He’s got a navy blue or green Rover.

Anyway, we didn’t see him then we went to the shop but couldn’t find a parking space. We drove past a car with a weird registration plate and Charlie Wilson was walking past. It was so cool. I just burst out laughing and couldn’t stop.

I was so relieved I’d seen him. Mum didn’t know what I was laughing about so Tess made up an excuse about the car with the weird registration plate. [I’m a good big sister… apart from the fancying of my little sister’s stalkee.]

Tess says Charlie was wearing black jogging pants, flat white trainers with no turn up bit at the toe [Unacceptable in 1996.] and looked completely sad. I didn’t think so though. HE IS GORGEOUS.

Bye x

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