He walked past me, really grinning – 20th-22nd December 1996

My Friday 20th The assembly wasn’t too bad actually coz I had a good view of both Dougie and Charlie. Charlie had to go up and collect a tie which he seemed pleased about.

I also saw Dougie near the Sports Hall. He walked past me, really grinning. AT ME. There was a group of us too! I just went, “What?” and laughed but he carried on. [I probably had a massive spot in the middle of my forehead or something.]



Abby’s Friday 20th Hi, it was the last day of term today. I won’t see Charlie for 2 whole weeks. I don’t know what I’ll do. [Pine the festive season away, probs.]

Tess keeps making up stories about him that aren’t true. [Soz.]

He kept looking at me today. HE IS GORGEOUS.

Bye x

P.S. I hope Charlie never gets hold of this diary.

Abby’s Saturday 21st Hi, we didn’t do anything today because Emma wasn’t in. We went of the computer for most of the time.

I miss Charlie already.

Tess says she’ll organise a trip to his village. […under the guise of assisting Abby’s stalking when it was totes for my own stalking benefit.]

Bye x

Abby’s Sunday 22nd Hi, Tess is just reading me her diary. [If we occasionally openly read them there was no need to sneakily look at each other’s.] I’ve found out which village Charlie lives in. It’s near the primary school there. His mum is a teacher as well. [SO MUCH IN COMMON!!]

Tess keeps saying he is a complete prat and is totally sad. I don’t think he is but I think Tess actually fancies him as well. [She knew me too well not to see through my crap charade.]

Mum won’t let us go to Charlie’s village coz she thinks we’ll get run over or something. Tess doesn’t want to go either now. I do.

Bye x

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