Emma thumped me in the nose today – 19th December 1996

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All sympathy and/or bravery votes will be gratefully accepted 🙂

T x

My Thursday 19th I thought I had better keep up to date with my most recent worries.

First of all there’s tomorrow when we have a whole school assembly. I mean, it wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve got to play in the school orchestra for it! It’s not usually so bad in front of people you don’t know coz it’s unlikely that you’re ever going to see them again but the school is full of people you see nearly every day.

It’s embarrassing because there are a lot of swots in the orchestra [I must’ve been some sort of lesser swot then. A cool swot?] so that means that people who don’t go think everyone is! Also, Dougie will be watching!

The other thing to worry about is Emma. She thinks I fancy Charlie Wilson! Who knows why but she’s threatening to say something to him.

Emma thumped me in the nose today too. It was an accident but it didn’t half make my eyes water! Everyone I was with (Olivia, Lizzie and Emma) thought I was crying. I couldn’t help it. I wasn’t though. Charlie noticed from the other side of the yard too. I think that was because the 4 of us were huddled up with Emma saying, “Sorry!” very loudly.

Actually, Charlie smiled at me yesterday! [Why would I care if I didn’t fancy him, ey? EY?]


Abby’s Thursday 19th Hi, I fancy Charlie Wilson well bad.

Today was fun. We didn’t do much. Tomorrow will be even better. We’re playing in the orchestra and Swing Band. I’ll see Charlie. He’s gorgeous.


Bye x

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