He looks like a frog – 16th-18th December 1996

My Monday 16th We had a practice run-through with the orchestra all afternoon for Presentation Evening. The practice wasn’t too bad coz I had Charlie to laugh at!

A girl was saying something about Harry Preston to Emma and Emma said something like, “He doesn’t fancy me” then Charlie butted in with, “I do though.” I really don’t think he would’ve said that if he had known what the conversation was. He also kept making snidey comments to Emma. I think he’s trying to put her off him after Olivia and Abby asked him out for her.

This evening at the presentations was SO BORING. We played at the very beginning and very end and the rest was 2 hours of sad (not the crying sort) speeches.

At one point I couldn’t stop laughing when one old geezer started waffling on about drugs and LSD etc. That’s the only part I heard! Charlie saw me finding it extremely hard not to laugh and started grinning to me!

Charlie actually had to go up and get presented with a certificate for Drama. On his way back to his kit he had to walk past my seat and he sort of smiled. He’s got a nice smile actually. [Oh no! I’m sorry, Abby! To make up for this betrayal, I’ll let you have him now. Can I be your bridesmaid?]

Ed asked Charlie out for Emma again and he said no so she pretended she wasn’t listening. He smiled at me and nodded towards Olivia and said, “She’s already asked me that about her.” I think I just said, “I know” or something.

I have to admit that he’s not too bad actually but I wouldn’t say I fancied him like crazy or anything. [Unlike Abby.] He really looks like his mum.

I found out where Charlie lives from Georgia Dean today. It’s in the same village as Cat opposite the primary school and next to the hall. His mum is a teacher too and his brother is in my sister’s year.

We got the computer today! It’s brilliant! It’s a really good one for this time. An IBM Aptiva with a clear, colour Epsom printer.

Oh yeah, by the way, Charlie’s new nickname is Kermit because Emma thinks he looks like a frog! I don’t.


Abby’s Monday 16th Hi, I couldn’t wait til tonight because I got to see Charlie. We’ve given him another nickname (it used to be Eric but I can’t be bothered telling you why) and we’ve renamed him Kermit because he looks like a frog.

I don’t think he does. I think he is gorgeous.

He asked me and Becky to help him with the kit after we’d finished Presentation Evening. I was well chuffed.

Bye x

Abby’s Tuesday 17th Hi, I saw Charlie again today. I think he’s fit. Tess thinks he’s disgusting. [Erm… not quite!]

I saw Dougie today. He was playing football and we went to watch him. He’s doing the Xmas 5-a-sides. When I had come out, that’s when I saw Charlie. I had to run so I could have a better view. I was with Melanie all the time. It’s good fun all this.

Tess did something on the new computer. It’s a really good com and there’s loads on it. Tess didn’t go to school today so she did this:

December 1996 - Kermit

Cool isn’t it. It’s really tight though.

I love Charlie Wilson.

CW is 100% fit. I love CW.

Bye x

Abby’s Wednesday 18th Hi, I was looking for Charlie in the buses on the car park today. I know he got the 40 or 41. He was sat on the 41 and looked at me.

Bye x

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