People kept nicking off with my Walkman – 13th-15th December 1996

My Friday 13th

December 1996 - Fri 13th

I’ve got tonnes of bruises from Snow Zone yesterday! So have most other people too from the pile-ups at the bottom of the slopes.

The concert tonight went ok considering the date but Dougie didn’t come. I know who his littlest sister and his mum are now. [I stalked the entire family.]

Emma’s getting jealous of me. This time it’s coz Charlie Wilson keeps looking at me in orchestra. The other thing with him was this conversation:

Emma: (Deaf coz of listening to her Walkman) Cat! Wait for me!
Charlie: (Just in front of me, imitating Emma in a high pitched, squeaky voice) Wait! Wait! Wait!
Me: She can’t hear you, you know.
Charlie: (Waited for me to catch up) I don’t give a toss if she can or not!

Emma doesn’t want to believe me. He didn’t say it in a horrid way to me. He was smiling. She was being a bit pathetic though.

Ok, I’ll admit that Charlie’s alright. [Oh God. I was under his ‘spell’ as well!]

I also nearly walked in to Dougie today but he very politely stopped his mates and let me through the door first. Ta, Dougie!


Abby’s Friday 13th Hi, oooh, it’s Friday 13th today. It’s Mollie’s birthday tomorrow.

The concert was awful. My saxophone wouldn’t stop squeaking, Charlie didn’t say anything to me and people kept nicking off with my Walkman.

Tess was telling me about this conversation she had with Charlie… Emma had been telling Cat to wait and she kept saying it so Rob was going, “Wait, wait, wait” sarcastically and Tess said, “She can’t hear you with those on” (she had my Walkman). Rob said, “I don’t give a toss” and carried on.

I really wish he fancied me. We’ve got another orchestra practice. I just hope he says something nice to me then.

I wish he would fancy me. Fat chance.

Ollie is a pain and I want Tess to say that to him.

Bye x

Abby’s Saturday 14th Hi, Tess has been going on about Charlie talking to her. She has been making me jealous.

I think Charlie is 100% fit.

Bye x

Abby’s Sunday 15th Hi, we went to Manchester today to get Mum’s Xmas pressie. We went to place called Neal’s Yard. It’s like an aromatherapy shop. We spent over £35 in there.

Bye x

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