I didn’t even see the grim reaper – 12th December 1996

My Thursday 12th Snow Zone was well ace! We got to choose our groups but then we were split in half and lads were put with us. I didn’t mind though. Dougie didn’t come but if he had he would’ve been in our group coz all his mates were.

Our group was:

Ralph Christopherson
Owen Kendal
Will Fernley (Ferny)
Jez Greenhalgh
Freddie Bevan
Neil Kennedy
Henry Rockwell (Rocky)
Isaac McFarlane
Stuart Hobbs
and a few more.

That group was just for the snow part which was good. It was this long slope with real snow and we had these cushion mats to slide down on. I managed to bang my knee hard on the ice. I hung round with Lizzie mainly and I sat on the bus there and back with her.

After the snow we went to the Terror Zone. They only let us in 8-10 at a time so all the girls in our group (except Sarah who chickened out) plus Neil Kennedy went in together.

When we were lining up, a man looked through a mask in the door. Nobody noticed til Emma poked him in the eye.

Some of the girls that went in before us came out crying then we finally went in and this man talked to us in a stupid accent. He was wearing a long, black hooded robe and he showed us in and said we had to follow him. He started telling us about demons and stuff so Neil was giving him cheek about it.

Neil was asking stupid questions and I asked whether or not the man was getting paid so he started hinting he could chuck us out.

Eventually, we set off walking and we were just going into different rooms. Neil and Lizzie wouldn’t let go of my arms and I banged my TB jab scar.

In the first room I didn’t even see the grim reaper but I just ran when everyone else did.

The next part was where this woman dressed in black jumped out and tried to scare us by growling. The thing was that she sounded more like a parrot!

There were various coffins and cobwebs then a man leapt out with a chainsaw (it looked more like a ruler with a handle) and he chased us. I was the last to exit the place coz I stood there watching him instead of running! [Frozen with fear at being confronted with a modified ruler?] Zoe cried in there. I didn’t coz I didn’t find it too scary! [Surprising, seeing as I was scared while watching Jumanji.]

Overall it was a really good trip, especially the group. It’s just a shame Dougie didn’t go.

There were also big games and air hockey, pool and bowling but we didn’t spend too much time on those!


Abby’s Thursday 12th Hi, I saw Charlie Wilson again today. I’m just glad I did because I would’ve gone crazy.

Tess keeps telling me he is staring at her all the time in orchestra. I just hope he doesn’t fancy Tess. I don’t know what I’d do if he did.

I have made so many wishes today. I’ve even tried to make my hair nice for him. I’m going mad over him. Why can’t he fancy me? [Teenage diary-tastic!]

Bye x

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