He kept looking at ME! – 11th December 1996

I’ll have a little foray into 2014 to mention that If Destroyed Still True has been shortlisted for the Blog North Awards. Eep! I’m all pleased!

Part of the process is a public vote on http://www.blognorthawards.com before 29th September.

I don’t like asking people to vote for me and I’m thrilled just to be shortlisted but have a look and have a vote for anyone you like. There are some great blogs on there and you might find some lovely new ones to follow. 

If you do decide to give me your vote then thank you very much 🙂 You are very kind and very tolerant of my teenage ramblings!

Now let’s get back to 1996…

T x

My Wednesday 11th This morning I was with some of my friends and we were walking up the stairs and Dougie came down. I wasn’t really watching after he’d gone past [I’d got my Dougie fix.] but Freda and Lizzie told me that he had watched me carry on to the classroom! Why me? [It’ll be like when there’s a massive spider/moth/something else that gives you the creeps lurking about. You want to keep an eye on it at all times so you know where it is and which direction is opposite should you need to leg it if it launches itself at you.]

I decorated my cake in Home Economics today. It turned out really well actually. This is what it looked like:

December 1996 - cat cake

It was the practice for the concert with the orchestra so I missed Geography and Drama. Emma (who sits with me in orchestra) has now decided that she has gone all obsessive about Charlie Wilson. Olivia and Abby said they would ask him out for Emma. [Abby! What were you thinking?! You lurve him!] They did and he said NO!

After that he kept looking at ME! [Probably not. Emma was sat next to me.] Honestly, he was worse than Dougie! That’s saying something too!

The concert went well anyway and I managed to control the fits of giggles I usually get during ‘Aladdin’.

Harry Preston was in the audience at the concert tonight but Dougie wasn’t which means he’s probably coming to see his sister in it on Friday. FRIDAY 13TH! AAARRGHHH!!!

I’ve got Snow Zone tomorrow and I really hope I get put in a decent group and on a decent coach for a change!


Abby’s Wednesday 11th Hi, I’ve just been to the concert. We had the last 2 lessons off today and we set up in the drama studio.

I was sat right next to Charlie on the drums. Isn’t that top? It is for me anyway.

I totally embarrassed myself by knocking his music off the stand. He wasn’t actually there but someone must’ve seen me because when we all came back in he poked me in the back with his stick [Drumstick! DRUMSTICK!] and said, “Who knocked my music off?” I said, “Me.” He said, “Thanks” and it didn’t even sound sarcastic.

Then in the actual concert we were setting up for Swing Band in the interval and Mr P-R asked us to help him move the drums but Charlie told us (me and Evie) not to. Now I know he seriously hates me. [What? Why?!] It’s a shame.

We asked him out for Emma as well and he said NO! But then he kept looking at her. I really do hope he doesn’t fancy her. I wish he would fancy me.

Bye x

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