JAMES DOUGLAS IS 99% FIT!!! – 10th December 1996

My Tuesday 10th Emma and Lizzie think that Dougie fancies me now! I can’t believe it. I don’t think he does but I hope he does. I think.

Abby fancies Charlie Wilson in the year above me. He plays the kit in orchestra. Emma fancies Charlie too!

I saw Dougie playing in the 5-a-side football in the Sports Hall at lunch. They were all wearing Man Utd shirts on his team (YEAH!) but his was out of date. So’s mine. So what?

Why did he have to change the day of his music lesson? It’s going to be so boring on Thursdays now.

Emma got hold of this diary the other day. I think she read some of it but I managed to get it off her. She only wants to see me admit I fancy Dougie so if she ever gets it again, this is what she wants to read…




I’m not putting 100% fit because he’s not. You can stick David Beckham in an out of date soccer kit any day and he’ll still look better than Dougie in one!

December 1996 - massive bye

Abby’s Tuesday 10th Hi, we got our last lesson off today because of orchestra practice. It’s good because I can see a lot of Charlie Wilson. He hates me though.

Bye x

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