I’ll probably never get to talk to him again! – 5th-9th December 1996

My Thursday 5th Hello! Well, everything so far today all happened after school really except I noticed that Dougie kept smiling to himself. I found out why later when Zoe told me that she had asked him why he had winked at me at Pleasure Island. There was no need for that! He’ll probably think that I asked her to say that!

THEN, to add to that, she told him I thought he fancied me! He’s going to think I’m really stupid now! I didn’t think he fancied me anyway, I only hoped.

Anyhow, after school, Dougie wasn’t there for the 3rd week running so Emma said to Mr P (a music teacher, the organiser of music lessons and Dougie’s form tutor), “Tess wants to know why Dougie isn’t here!” Mr P just said that he thought it was Emma that fancied him and threatened to ask him out for her in front of his class. [Ha! Backfire!]

It actually turns out that Dougie is no longer having guitar lessons on Thursday but is now having them on the same day as his sister. Why?! I’ll probably never get to talk to him again! [Oh! The anguish!]

Snow Zone, [An indoor, sledging place in Speke, near Liverpool.] where we are going for the Christmas trip, is also causing worries for me because it has been decided that we’re being split into groups of 25. What if I end up with none of my friends? What a great trip I’ll have then, hey?! NOT!!!


December 1996 - flower end

Abby’s Thursday 5th Hi, Sadie, Evie and Natasha did their talk about music in front of the form. It was good and I helped.

Natasha is really starting to bug me now. She nicked my black pen. Bitch. He he he! [Ha! Yep. Totally deserved!?]

Bye x

Abby’s Friday 6th Hi, on the way to Swing Band today, Luke Frost asked Evie for 10p. She said no so I gave him some and he hugged me 3 times. Arghh. [This is pleasure rather than terror.] He’s sweet.

I read Caitlin’s diary.

Bye x

Abby’s Saturday 7th Hi, my new desk is well cool.

When I read Caitlin’s diary it said she told everyone Lewis Grant was crap but really she thought he was good.

Bye x

Abby’s Sunday 8th Hi, Emma came round again today. I didn’t really do much because I was revising.

I’ve decided who I fancy. There’s 4 of them. There is:

Rhys Matthews

Charlie Wilson

Scott King

Luke Frost

I would prefer the last two as friends though.

Charlie Wilson plays the kit in orchestra so I see a lot of him. He’s really nice. Emma fancies him too.

Bye x

Abby’s Monday 9th Hi, it was funny in Swing Band practice today. Mr P-R broke the drumsticks so Charlie had to go and get some more from Mr P-R’s car. When he came back he chucked the keys on the floor. It was really funny and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Tess keeps going on and on about guess who. Dougie. [I believe this could be true.]

Bye x

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