“OH MY GOD! IT’S DOUGIE!!!” – 2nd-4th December 1996

My Monday 2nd Hi! [After reading Abby’s diary, I’m now copying her greeting.] It was so funny at lunch time today! [Don’t get your hopes up for LOLs.] Sarah and Poppy were in one music room and Emma, Freda and Cat were in another. It was just Olivia and me that were left in the corridor. Emma etc. wouldn’t let us in the room they were in so Olivia and I stood outside it for a few seconds until we decided to get them out.

Olivia yelled, “OH MY GOD! IT’S DOUGIE!!!” The second she said that, Mr P (a music teacher) came round the corner followed by 3 of Dougie’s mates – Ralph (who Lizzie went out with but didn’t really want to), Will Fernley and Freddie Bevan. They all gave us funny looks and as soon as they went again, Olivia and I could not stop laughing!

After all that, Emma etc. said they hadn’t heard her!

Also, straight after lunch, we have English in Dougie’s form room and as we were lining up, his form started coming out. As soon as Dougie walked past, BLOODY FREDA shouted, “Oh look! There’s who Tess fancies!” I really hope he didn’t hear her!


December 1996 - cross end

Abby’s Monday 2nd Hi, I made my pizza today. It was nice.

I hope this week goes quickly.

Sorry about the scruffy writing recently. I just can’t be bothered writing. Sorry.

Bye x

Abby’s Tuesday 3rd Hi, I have been hanging round with Melanie recently. It’s cool. She fancies Rhys Matthews as well so I asked him out for her. I actually spoke to Rhys. But he asked me for 10p then walked off.

Bye x

Abby’s Wednesday 4th Hi, I’ve made a new friend. She’s called Harriet but I can’t remember her surname. Never mind. She’s Melanie’s friend so I’ve sort of got to know her. She’s very nice.

Bye x

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